Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground, with its open situation, wide views, its new mini orchard of flowering fruit trees and new picnic benches is an attractive spot for family picnics, sporting activities and the very popular annual show held in July.

The recreation ground is owned and maintained by the Parish Council.

The recreation ground is available for walking and exercise and the tennis court was opened on 13 May in accordance with guidance from the Government. Please adhere to the current rules regarding social distancing when using the recreation ground, tennis court and other council facilities. 

The Government has advised that play areas can be opened from 4 July and has issued guidance to facilitate their opening. The play area at Tadpole Lane will remain closed until remedial works can be undertaken. This work is scheduled to be carried out in mid-July and the Parish Council is looking at how we can comply with the guidance so the play area can be opened as safely as possible once the work is complete.