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Ewshot Community Website

on the leafy Surrey Hampshire borders

Community Information; Introduction

Ewshot consists of the original village, grouped round the church, the pub, lower Church Lane and School Lane and the settlements of Warren Corner, Marlborough Hill, Beacon Hill as well as a scattering of farms and houses up and down the narrow lanes leading to the village and on the A287.


These pages will either provide, or lead to, information about local amenities and services as well as St Mary’s Church and the website of the combined churches of St Mary’s Ewshot and All Saints Crondall.

 Village Hall

The Village Hall is not owned or managed by the Parish Council but by an independent registered charity. The hall is for hire and provides an excellent venue for private and community events.  You will find a page giving full details of this facility.


Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground, with its open situation, wide views, its new mini orchard of flowering fruit trees and new picnic benches is an attractive spot for family picnics, sporting activities and the very popular annual show held in July.


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