Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport has submitted a planning application that, if approved, would increase the number of flights at the airport. Please find below a press release from the Airport. There is further information in a newsletter from Community Campaign Hart about the proposed changes. 

 If you wish to comment on the planning application this can be done on the Rushmoor Borough Council website by searching the planning application number  23/00794/REVPP

The Parish Council is aware that there is quite a lot of opposition locally to this proposed expansion including a petition.

 If you wish to make a complaint about the activities, noise or pollution at the airport please contact the airport directly: complaints@farnboroughairport.com or telephone: 01252 526001

Press release by Farnborough Airport - 13 November 2023

Following extensive engagement with the local community, Farnborough Airport has submitted a planning application to Rushmoor Borough Council for proposed changes to the way the Airport operates and for enhancements to its community funding programme.

The consultation – which took place from 4th September to 18th October 2023 – included six exhibitions in four local authority areas, during which more than 1,200 people discussed the proposals extensively with members of the team from Farnborough Airport. More than 2,500 feedback forms were received during this period.

Community feedback has informed the final application:

  • The operational change least supported was the proposal to adjust the Airport’s operating times on non-weekdays.
    • In response, this has been removed from the application, meaning the current non-weekday operating hours of 8am-8pm will remain.
  • The operational change with the most support was the proposal to increase the restricted aircraft weight category to accommodate new generation business aviation aircraft, which are often quieter but slightly heavier.
  • A common theme was concern around the Airport’s future growth rate.
    • In response and to ensure growth is phased over time, revised annual and non-weekday flight limits have been proposed. These would replace the Airport’s existing 50,000 annual total and 8,900 annual non-weekday flight limits and commit the Airport to a gradual growth trajectory towards the amended annual flight limits of 70,000 and 18,900 by 2040.
  • The most raised individual subject related to noise.
    • As a result, the revised application includes new measures to mitigate and reduce the potential for increased aircraft noise, including proposing the most generous eligibility criteria of any airport in the UK in relation to grant funding for noise insulation.
  • Around 50% of respondents supported increased contributions to the Airport’s community funding programme, with majority support for a new Sustainability Fund to help fund local sustainability projects.
    • The proposals were updated to include additional funding as well as flexibility for an extended geographic reach of the Fund and the potential for a broader remit in terms of local community initiatives.
  • The plans also allow for a continued and renewed focus on emissions reduction and air quality monitoring, with additional monitoring and reporting being proposed, including the measurement of Particulate Matters.

The proposals are available on Rushmoor Borough Council’s planning portal under the ref 23/00794/REVPP while the Council considers the application and holds its own consultation process. You can support the application by commenting on the application on the Council’s website here.

Our website, www.FarnboroughAirport2040.com, will be updated regularly with information about the application during the determination period. You can find more information about the submitted plans on this page of our website.

To find out more about our submitted plans, including how you can support us to safeguard the future of Farnborough Airport, please contact contact@farnboroughairport2040.com or call us on 0808 164 6061 – or alternatively, make a difference by visiting our website here.

Yours sincerely,

Farnborough Airport Consultation Team