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Ewshot Jubilee Weekend Celebrations

Thanks to a grant from Hart District Council Ewshot Parish Council and The Ewshot Village Show Committee were able to provide a fabulous afternoon tea for older members of the community on Friday 3 June to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Thank you to Hart District Council,  the Windmill pub for providing the food and all the volunteers who helped to organise this event. 

For details of other events that took place over the Jubilee weekend please see the Ewshot Village Show website

Hampshire Rural Crime Partnership launched to tackle rural and wildlife crime

A new dedicated online platform allowing rural communities across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to report rural and wildlife crime has been launched by Hampshire Constabulary’s Country Watch team. The DISC platform which forms the Hampshire Rural Crime Partnership allows registered users to directly report incidents of crime, antisocial behaviour or intelligence directly to officers. The system, which was launched in early February this year, is aimed at those in rural communities and areas – including farmers, land owners, estates owners, game keepers and under keepers among others. It allows for a two-way conversation between local residents in rural areas and officers within the County Watch and local Neighbourhood Policing Teams; through direct reporting. While also giving officers direct contact to those communities and members, allowing them to communicate with them in regards to crime incidents and crime patterns and / or trends in those areas via regular crime and news updates. An instant messaging system in also in place, very much like WhatsApp, which means that messages about important or key incidents which are happening in a specific area can be broadcast to members for their awareness. accordingly. This method will replace the need for the rural community to call 101 or complete the online reporting form located on the Hampshire Constabulary website. To register your interest in using the DISC system, please email Police Staff Investigator Dan Fay 


 A287 Farnham Road New Roundabout at Redfields Lane Junction

Martin Grant Homes is installing a new roundabout at the junction with Redfields Lane, with work on the highway to start this summer.

There is a project website - – which will be updated with the latest news and details of any traffic management measures, so that people know what to expect. From 2 August 2021 Redfields Lane will be closed and a diversion will be in place. 

If you have any questions contact the project team by email ( or by calling 0800 804 4049 (between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday). 

Following concerns raised by residents the Parish Council contacted the Community Relations Team at Martin Grant Homes for confirmation regarding the placement of the signage which the Parish Council hopes will reduce the vehicles using the roads through the village as a diversion route and the following response was received (18 November 2021):

I can confirm that our traffic management company will be undertaking a full inspection of all directional signage relating to the project on Monday. Any that have since gone missing – which we expect is due to other roadworks happening in the area – will be reinstated.Thank you for raising this matter with us.

We have also reviewed the original locations that had been agreed for the ‘Unsuitable for Diverted Traffic’ signs that were installed on local roads. I can confirm that the Tadpole Lane/Beacon Hill Road junction was not one of those locations. I apologise for any prior confusion over the location of these signs. It could be that the sign that had been in situ here was relating to other roadworks, or had been moved to this location by someone other than our contractors.

All the ‘Unsuitable for Diverted Traffic’ signs relating to this project have been reinstated at the locations they were originally installed at. The ‘Unsuitable for Diverted Traffic’ signage is an additional measure we have undertaken to discourage traffic from using local roads, and the locations were agreed with Hampshire Highways.

We hope the signs already in place are discouraging road users from using shortcuts. While we are looking to minimise disruption to local people resulting from our works, we must also make sure that our signage is proportionate and does not confuse road users. We won’t be looking to install an additional ‘Unsuitable for Diverted Traffic’ sign at the Beacon Hill Road / Tadpole Lane junction for this reason.

Ultimately, we aren’t able to enforce use of our official diversion route and would advise that any concerns over road users’ misconduct are a matter for the police. However, if you are contacted further with any concerns or questions about our works or the associated traffic management system we have put in place, please do let us know."


Have a say on water company’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

 A unique draft 25 year Environment Plan written by South East Water now needs feedback from local residents on its strengths and weaknesses before it is published.

South East Water is the first UK water company to produce such a plan, following an intensive period working with its customers, employees and other environmental organisations to shape it. The appeal for feedback from local communities is the final stage before it is published in early-2022.

Not only does the plan set out how the company will limit its own impact on the environment, but more importantly, how it will improve the overall health of the environment and increase its resilience to the effects of drought, flooding and growing demand for tap water.

Supplying drinking water to 2.2 million customers across the south east, the company maintains 83 water treatment works and 9,000 miles of underground pipes – enough to stretch from the South East of England to Australia - as well as 33 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, two local nature reserves, Lullington Heath National Nature Reserve and numerous Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The water supplier also works with farmers, landowners and other water users to protect the quality and quantity of the rivers and underground aquifers which are used to produce an average of 520 million litres of tap water each day.

The company is now looking to expand the work of its in-house team of environmental experts to work with other local companies and individuals to improve the environment within a generation.

The consultation runs from 29 November to 7 January. Read the plan and have your say on South East Water's website -


London to Southampton Pipeline

Esso Petroleum Company Limited are proposing to replace 90km of the underground aviation fuel pipeline that runs from the Fawley Refinery near Southampton to the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow. 

The current pipeline and the proposed route for the new pipeline will pass through the Village. For full details see the Project website.

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