Rural Crime Partnership

Published: 30 May 2024

Hampshire Rural Crime Partnership launched to tackle rural and wildlife crime

A new dedicated online platform allowing rural communities across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to report rural and wildlife crime has been launched by Hampshire Constabulary’s Country Watch team. The DISC platform which forms the Hampshire Rural Crime Partnership allows registered users to directly report incidents of crime, antisocial behaviour or intelligence directly to officers. The system, which was launched in early February this year, is aimed at those in rural communities and areas – including farmers, land owners, estates owners, game keepers and under keepers among others. It allows for a two-way conversation between local residents in rural areas and officers within the County Watch and local Neighbourhood Policing Teams; through direct reporting. While also giving officers direct contact to those communities and members, allowing them to communicate with them in regards to crime incidents and crime patterns and / or trends in those areas via regular crime and news updates. An instant messaging system in also in place, very much like WhatsApp, which means that messages about important or key incidents which are happening in a specific area can be broadcast to members for their awareness. accordingly. This method will replace the need for the rural community to call 101 or complete the online reporting form located on the Hampshire Constabulary website. To register your interest in using the DISC system, please email Police Staff Investigator Dan Fay