Ultrafast Fibre Broadband

The Government through Project Gigabit is committed to delivering fast and reliable broadband service across the UK and has set aside 35 billion to achieve this objective.

The parishes of both Ewshot and Crondall initially applied via the Voucher scheme to have this capability installed. Despite a very successful voucher fund raising scheme via BT OpenReach, unfortunately this ran out of time as Hampshire County Council utilised the funding to pay for a major contract to provide rural broadband across the County. The contract for Hampshire was awarded to CityFibre who are “Proud to be delivering Project Gigabit Hampshire”. However, trying to ascertain if our parish is included, and, if and when it will be delivered remains somewhat challenging.

However, in this somewhat uncertain landscape a private provider had made an appearance with the promise of providing Ultra-Fast Broadband to the core areas of Ewshot & Crondall Villages by Apr 24. This too has added to the uncertainty as this has not been achieved and trying to obtain any information from the firm remains difficult.

So in summary, despite constant communication with Hampshire County Council and Gigaclear and expressing an interest with CityFibre we are still unsure when or if we are to be provided with this enhanced capability.

As can be seen on our monthly Agenda the Parish Council continues to review and strive to bring this capability to the Parish.

Any questions or issues please contact either the Parish Clerk (clerk@ewshotpc.com) or Cllr D Morgan-Jones (cllr.morgan-jones@ewshotpc.com).